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About Us - Continued

So after being shot down pretty hard for not having the "right" education, I decided to follow the advice of some already established Sonoma County breweries and go to beer school.  There are a few in the United States that are very well respected but I found a school in Northern England called the University of Sunderland that offered a major program in brewing technology.  So I had a choice of spending a few months on Woodland Ca. or 6 months in Newcastle, England.  I chose Europe, learned more than I could ever have hoped about beer, saw Tony Blair become the new Prime Minister of England, shared with the queen mum her 75th birthday, and was introduced to the world's first cloned sheep, Dolly.  They really like their sheep in Scotland.....

Home brewing is really what it’s all about.  Even when I worked at a pretty big brewery, after a shift of producing hundreds of barrels of wort or transferring the same amount of beer, James and I would meet back at my place in Berkeley and pull an 8 gallon batch over a bunch of beers, and such…..Thanks James.

Sometime around early 1999 I met Keith at a pub in Berkeley (kind of a job interview).  I figured that anybody could talk themselves into a job, so I grabbed a corny of some red we made, a cobra head, and some glassware. After lunch I asked him over for a beer out at my car, keg firmly belted into the passenger seat, and have been in Santa Cruz ever since. Thanks Keith and Charlie.

I have been brewing either in class or as a working brewer for over 12 years. That being almost a third of my time on this quaint, little rock probably constitutes a way of life.

It’s a little strange writing a, “mission statement” or an, “about us” page, or even a blog on myspace. We’ll show you what we like to do before, during, or after drinking with some neat and funny pictures, and throw out some witty captions to go with them too. But if you want to know who we are, please stop by at festivals and say hi. If you’re in the area, swing by the brewery. Chances are somebody will be around.

We are all about the proliferation of good beer.